Thursday, 25 November 2010

Strike rate

Both lays paid dividends today i will also be laying spin again at 2.68 on bertfair for a place at Wolverhampton in the 440

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Trading V Laying

Well guys sorry no post in the last few weeks steadily been moving back in to this, seems i have still got some serious issues with discipline hanging around me!

None the less i know this is my main problem and once i am sick of to the back teeth of gambling am sure the trading will kick in to place.

I have no idea why i feel so anxious, desperate etc but when things go wrong for me trading i stray off track and take high liability risks which you simply cannot do in this game, intern trying to boost the bank, even though i absolutely know i can profit from this week after week if i dont lose my marbles and stay focused, i done the home tuition 2 years ago from betangel and also done the 1 days trading course with Peter webb himself in Reading, i know all the physics are right i have but in truth not a single person in this world can help you with discipline, only YOU! and this is my gremlin and it wont go away.

I been trialing a lay method i been readin about which (paper trading its shown from 48 lays 44 winning bets and 4 losers over 90% so i reckon with a few tweaks i might just be able to get it right, its laying in the place markets, would be very interested to here anyone elses thoughts on this method if you have indeed heard of it, or if you have a decent lay system you follow yourself? i know laying is probably the way to go

Anyway more posts coming soon but am posting a lay place on "Autumn haze" in the 12.20 uttoxeter Thursday 25th currently 2.4 i think this will be shorter by morning on betfair for a place has not run for 242 days so i think this will need the outing in a big way.

Also my other interst i will be laying is "twincamdrift" in the 210 at Newbury again not run in 224 days although alan kings horse i think 4.0 on betfair for a place is a good price and i will be taking this one on.

Good luck!

Monday, 8 November 2010


Had a long lay off and evaluated my circumstances, and i find myself back at the peril of betfair to earn my crust.

My business went wallop in february so i had a lot to sort out started off ok considering i been away from trading for 6 months

Onwards and upwards!